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Life at the top can be deeply rewarding. And profoundly challenging.

Business – especially at the top – is stressful.

There’s never enough time.

The choice seems to be 1) succeed at work or 2) succeed at home. Pick one.

It feels lonely at work, but just as lonely at home.

You’re distracted or even consumed with worry.

Loved ones may say you’re distant and not “present”.

With concerns about cash flow, sales, employees, customers, competitors, the economy, partners and investors, worry is an under-statement.

Burnout is real.

To paraphrase Thoreau, men and women often lead lives of quiet desperation, not sharing their thoughts or feelings with anyone. Or their frustration and fear erupt as angry outbursts with employees or family.

Many are simply burned out or overwhelmed. Some say they feel like an imposter or a fraud.

Perfectionism, workaholism (yes, it’s a real thing), and substance abuse may also be issues.

And deep inside, many executives are secretly afraid of losing it all.

But as lonely as it may feel, you are not alone.

At first, my clients often report that therapy is the only place where they don’t feel alone, the only place where they feel free to blurt out what’s really true for them, the only place where they feel someone actually “gets” them.

To feel truly heard, especially by a therapist with a long history of running his own businesses, who really does “get” what you’re going through, is in itself very “therapeutic”.

By identifying key goals, taking action (and a few risks), my clients find the anxiety or depression they’re feeling fades into the background.

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Scott Anderson

Relationships improve – at work and at home.

Relationships at home are revived and begin to flourish. Performance and enjoyment at work significantly improves. And the loneliness and suffering gradually dissipates.

Connections with other people grow and expand.

I specialize in proven solutions, based on 30+ years as a business owner myself, that offer you as much success emotionally as you aspire to professionally.

Together we can claw back time to do the things you really value and to recover peace of mind and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

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