Marriage & Family

A Crushing Dilemma

At times, it seems the choice is 1) a successful business, or 2) successful marriage and family relationships: pick one.

Balancing the responsibilities of business with the commitments of marriage and family can definitely be very challenging.

Being in two “places” at once.

It’s impossible to be two places at once. Marriage and family problems often arise when we’re physically one place and emotionally/mentally someplace else.

It’s the mom or dad who can’t get off their cell phone at their daughter’s softball game. They’re physically there, but emotionally distant, “not present,” or disconnected.

The daughter feels hurt, even depressed, and the mom or dad feels angry, misunderstood, or guilty.

We say, “It won’t happen again.”

But it happens again and again.

High-performers often tell themselves and their loved ones that “It couldn’t be helped,” or “This is how I put bread on the table.”

Trust is broken. Resentments form. Finances may be strained. And relationships slip away.

Hopefully, the family seeks help.

Marriage counselors, therapists and clergy all have a lot to offer.

But often, significant others seek relief in negative behaviors.

Extra-marital affairs, substance abuse, over-spending, over-working, or over-eating are common “solutions.” But they solve nothing and quickly become problems themselves.

Separation, divorce, and the ultimate challenge of co-parenting.

If it gets bad enough, there’s the threat of separation, divorce, and the ultimate challenge of co-parenting.

Children who feel ignored, micro-managed or overwhelmed by the collapse of their family may choose negative behaviors like drugs, alcohol, cutting, and even suicide.

All members of the family may experience anxiety, depression, and even despair.

There’s a lot of hope. But not a lot of time.

While there is a lot of hope for a happy, healthy marriage and family, time is not on your side.

The longer the fear, stress and emotional pain drags on, the more likely relationships are to be strained beyond the breaking point.

Together, we will create a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

This plan may need to involve other or all members of the family.

Couples therapy and/or individual therapy for family members may also be necessary.

In our work, we will set specific goals and find realistic commitments for you, your significant other and, if necessary, other members of your family. Individual therapy with spouses or family members and group sessions are often very effective.

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