Substance Abuse and Addiction

The height of achievement and the depth of despair

It doesn’t seem possible that someone who has succeeded on so many levels could be utterly powerless over drugs, alcohol, spending, pornography, gambling, or any of the addictions high-performance people turn toward to find solace.

The despair of failure is even more baffling when you are surrounded with the trappings of success.

As quickly as many entrepreneurs and executives have succeeded in business, community and family, addiction can take it all away.

Gone in the Blink of an Eye

Money, reputation, marriage, and children can disappear with terrifying speed.

The bewilderment of losing control, of putting your business and your family in risky or humiliating situations is excruciating.

When otherwise independent leaders become entirely dependent on a drink, a drug, or a game of chance to merely feel “normal,” problems multiply – fast.

Without help, it only gets worse, never better.

Unfortunately, instead of therapy or other positive solutions, many high-achievers deny they have a problem at all, blame it on others, or lie to themselves and to the people who mean the most to them.

Soon, it’s impossible to conceal it.

You’re out of control. And you know it.

Friends, family, and business associates usually see the trouble you’re in before you do – or at least before you can admit it to yourself.

Trust is broken and relationships are shattered, sometimes irretrievably.

But there is a way out.

As hopeless as it may feel, there is a solution. And it can all start right now.

Addiction is an illness that has been recognized by the medical community for decades.

It is not a character flaw or a personal weakness. You are not a “bad” person.

But the sooner you get into action the better.

I offer my clients more than 35 years of direct experience with addiction medicine and training in evidence-based techniques, proven to help you recover.

First, we will assess your unique situation and develop a customized treatment plan.

We will begin by helping you understand that addiction is serious and can be fatal, but that full recovery is possible if you are willing to face the facts and do the necessary work.

I can tell you from years of experience that there is a lot of hope.

You can regain control in your life, but this time in a healthy, positive way that comes from accepting who you are and learning new ways to cope with stress.

You can end this nightmare today.

Let’s start right now.

The first step is to formerly assess your situation. Then we can develop an action plan to specifically address your needs and get you on the road to recovery.

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